“Take care of your horsemanship and your horsemanship will take care of you.”

~Pat Parelli

Our Facility

When we started looking for a place of our own, we looked at over 30 properties where we could create a facility to bring in the best Natural Horsemanship instructors. At each place we would say, “If we had this property what would we do?” That is how the dream evolved.

We finally sat down and asked ourselves which dream did we like best? You could say we actually “tried on” all these places. I even trailered a horse to one to see what the trails were like!

Once we decided on the property, the next consideration was where to site the facility—and light. I wanted tons of natural light. The overall facility is 10 stories high and covered in a translucent roofing that glows no matter the weather or time of year. We added 12 roll-up doors along the long side to open up the fantastic view down to Newfound Lake and the surrounding mountains to everyone.

I tried to incorporate the best from all my past experiences. That is why I put the stalls along the long side of the facility—so I would not have a barn that was far away from the arena. And if horses are taken out of their stalls, the other horses would not feel separated and left behind because they could see the horses in the arena.

I am convinced that horses appreciate a view. I think as a prey animal, being able to see further is more calming to them. That is why all my pastures are nice and wide open.

From the Pagosa Campus, I embraced the 4-bed bunk rooms. Nothing creates community faster than three of your new best friends. Only here I added amenities such as lights, reading lamps, fans, Wi-Fi, and lots of electrical outlets. You do still have to go downstairs (as opposed to down the hill) for the bathrooms, but at least they are not Porta Potties!

I believe that learning, by definition, is uncomfortable. But the environment that learning takes place in does not have to be. That is why I have strived to create a comfortable community learning experience at Ladd Farm. Be prepared to be inspired!

    • 100X200 indoor riding arena
    • Virtually dust free footing
    • 12 roll up doors on the long view side to take advantage of the fabulous view
    • State-of-the-art Sound system
    • 12X12 stalls
    • Heated wash stall
    • Vet area
    • Wireless internet
    • Space for L/Q horse trailers/travel trailer with electric hook ups
    • Full kitchen
    • Lounge with large screen TV
    • Two bathrooms, shower
    • Laundry facilities
    • Bunk bed rooms
    • 30 acres of open fields
    • Turnout in private or shared pastures
    • Trails
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